Is right use flash for outdoor or not?

Is right use flash for outdoor or not?

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Kikka Aller asked me: It’s right to use the flash for Book photos outdoor?


The concept of right or wrong to use the flash with softbox or less in outside does not exist. Let me explain in telling you that there isn’t a shooting technique better than another, but there is a concept “THE PHOTO BOOK”. The concept of photo book allows me to tell you that the goal to persecute is a photograph of the purpose for which you use the photos.


Personally, when some person I commissioned a photo book I suffered this question: What do you need pictures? What is their purpose? 6777388111_d276c87943_o

In a book usually have to be the person (or the subject) as it is in reality, because in case you want to sell your picture to modeling agencies, photographers, or anything else, the people who will view your body must be to aware of its physical characteristics including defects and qualities.

Therefore, the technique travels hand in hand with the objectives to be achieved.

The technique with the use of flash is a technique also known as Strobbist like so many others to have good lighting in the scene. It is up to us then to decide which is the mood that is closer to our style of photography. To which I respond to my friend telling her that it is not right and I wrong to shoot with the flash outside, but it is important to understand the mood of a photo BOOK.
Walter Fantauzzi

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