Descovery Shooting Point

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Figure 1

Figure 1

The shooting point is a very important concept in photography. Few people know at what point is the focal plane on their camera. The symbol in figue 1 indicates the place of our focal plane. This symbol indicates that at that point, transversely, is positioned our sensor and more precisely our focal plane. Now let’s see what is the plan Focal and then figure out how a scene is framed. The main concept is that the focal plane must be parallel to the plane of the shooting subject, in this way we avoid deformations of the subject. In Figure 2, I have designed a scheme that represents the correct concept of the shooting point. In this way we have plans perfectly parallel to each other and therefore a correct proportion of the subject. In Figure 3 and 4 instead we have a situation where the focal planes are not parallel to each other, therefore we introduce  three-dimensional deformations. In the case of Figure 3, we will have a head disproportionate to the body and much larger, this is because the distance of the subject’s head from our camera is smaller than that of the body. Vice versa in Figure 4 we will have a very small head with respect to the rest of the body and a figure much more slender.

Please not shooting with scheme 3 and 4  :-)



Walter Fantauzzi




Figure 2

Figure 2


Figure 3

Figure 3


Figure 4

Figure 4

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